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Health and medical services delivered from the Hub are accredited by Australian General Practice Accreditation Limited (AGPAL).

General practice accreditation is an assessment process that ensures a general practice meets a high standard of safety and quality. As a result, accreditation provides the best environment for patient’s healthcare outcomes.

Achieving general practice accreditation is an accomplishment we are extremely proud of achieving.

Obtaining general practice accreditation with AGPAL provides acknowledgment that a general practice has reached a high standard of safety and quality in their practice, while demonstrating a commitment to sustainable and effective quality improvement processes and initiatives.

Accreditation across the primary care sector has been developed as a means of patient protection, harm minimisation and risk management. It also ensures general practitioners and their teams, are working in a safe and quality-focused environment to deliver optimal care.

For more information about AGPAL Accreditation please click here.

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