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Quit Smoking

Talking to your GP is a good first step when planning to Quit.

This is important, especially if you are pregnant, have any medical conditions (including a mental illness) or are taking any medicines. Chemicals in tobacco smoke can affect how some medicines work. This means that some medicine dosages may need to be changed when you stop smoking. 

Your GP can help by:

  • Providing advice on medications to help you stop smoking. 

  • Writing you a script for these medications. Some of the medications are available on the PBS, which means they will be cheaper if you have a script. 

  • Advising you on how your usual medicines may need adjusting when you stop smoking. 

  • Referring you to Quitline. It’s completely free, and Quitline will contact you on a day and at a time that suits you. 


Your GP can also offer encouragement and support along the way.  They can chat to you about any worries you might have about stopping smoking.

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