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Pre-employment and WorkCover

We works closely with many of our local councils and business to offer a full range of work related injury management and pre-employment medical.

The purpose of pre-employment medical examination is to assess a worker’s suitability for the new role and to provide a baseline health assessment.

As part of our occupational service we also advice on injury prevention.


Our standard pre-employment examination includes:

  1. A patient questionnaire

  2. Basic Examination

  3. Overview of medical and health conditions and a thorough physical examination by a GP:

  4. Systemic Medical examination

  5. Drug & Alcohol Testing

  6. Audiometry

  7. Spirometry

  8. Functional Assessment


Each local council and business has its own requirements and industry standards.

Please speak to our team to discucss your needs.

Medicare rebates are not available for work related injury management and pre-employment medicals. We expect payment at the time of service for workers compensation claims until the insurer has accepted the liability, at which point we will directly invoice the insurance company.

All patients will be notified of any fees prior to any service or procedure.


We require payment at the time of service. We have EFTPOS facilities in many of our practices which means that when you pay your account Medicare will deposit any rebate for your service into your nominated account immediately.  Otherwise we can accept cash or cheque.

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