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The Hub offers our regular patients the option of talking to a doctor, allied health professional or specialist using Telehealth.

Why Telehealth?

Telehealth is useful for a range of patient consultations:


  • to reduce the need for isolated patients to travel long distances to access regular medical care;

  • to support patients who are aged or infirm to access health care in a more convenient manner;

  • to provide medical services when doctors are not available locally due to medical workforce shortages;

  • to help our patients with routine care (e.g. sick certificates);

  • to minimise your exposure to infection during the pandemic.


How does Telehealth work?

Patients can book an appointment in the usual manner, either online or by phone.  Your practice will send your instructions about how to use Telehealth prior to your appointment.

What if you need to see a doctor face to face?

If a face to face review is required your doctor will arrange you to be seen in the practice (with adequate safety precautions during pandemic periods).

Is there a charge for Telehealth services?

Telehealth appointments are billed in the normal way.  For patients eligible for bulk billing you will continue to be bulk billed for this service.  For other patients, a private fee will be charged.


Is there any limits on using Telehealth?

If you wish to obtain Telehealth bulk-billed you must have visited the Hub for a face to face consultation within last 12 months.


Medicare rebates are not available for new patients and those who have not visited this practice for a face to face consultation within last 12 months.

At present, Medicare rebates are only available for short consultations.  Long consultations will incur a private fee.

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